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Documentation and removal of the Marmion room in the Met
Restoration and preservation of period architecture.

Specializing in the Preservation and
Replication of Period Architecture.

J.M. Kelley Ltd. is a unique group of historic preservation specialists and skilled crafts people who plan and execute a wide range of restoration and new construction projects.

Our unique combination of architectural conservation, restoration contracting and design/build services sets us apart from both the architect and the traditional contractor. We combine an in-depth understanding of historic architecture, materials, and construction techniques with specialized skills in modern and traditional approaches to historic building restoration and replication.

In performing these services, we provide the client with a single point of contact and control for all work from initial conditions analysis through each phase of project execution.

J.M. Kelley Ltd. begins each project by working with you to define the scope, design and budget for your project. We next assemble the project team consisting of our “in house” crafts people supplemented where necessary by other individual specialists custom-tailored to address your building’s needs.

As work progresses, we coordinate the interaction of the team and supervise all work to ensure quality and efficiency.

“Mike Kelley is a uniquely specialized ‘master’ builder and historic consultant that shares a wealth of experience with every client. Mike applies his extensive expertise and knowledge of historic styles, design precedents, material and finish selections, construction methods and detailing to restoration + renovation projects as well as new”old” construction. The JM Kelley Ltd. team includes world class craftsmen that understand and respect the sensitivity and importance of historic architecture. Working with Mike is a special and rewarding experience and always comes with a fascinating lesson in the history of how those who came before us lived, worked and constructed buildings.”

Timothy J. Gallagher
Registered Architect